Worldwide Artist Blog Hop!

I am SO happy to be part of the Worldwide Artist Blog Hop!! For those of you who don’t know what that is, think GLOBAL DOMINATION!! Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

Okay…maybe it’s not that extreme, but it’s kind of a way to thread together super crafty artist types through their blogs with a series of questions and answers. If you are curious about other artists who have contributed, a quick Google search of ‘Worldwide Artist Blog Hop’ will yield enough results to keep you happily entertained for weeks!

I was nominated by Crystal from Crystalized Designs to participate and a bit later, I’ll be nominating three others to join in the fun! Crystal’s AMAZING blog can be found by clicking the following link!

So the way this works is for each nominated blogger to answer 4 simple questions about themselves and then nominate 2 or 3 other bloggers (You’ll find my nominations at the tail end of this post and I promise that you’ll find some amazing content over in their blogs I link!!)

Onward to the questions!

  • Why do I do what I do?

I do what I do because I honestly LOVE it. My mind is always thinking about new ideas—and not always of the yarny variety—to try. My inquisitive nature is to blame for things like DIY glow in the dark yarn, DIY paper mache yarn bowls, and the crochet Indian cross stitch.

I’m sure if you’ve spent any amount of time looking through my blog you will realize that I’m not all about the yarn! I really love anything arts and crafty and I enjoy getting my fingers dirty to experiment and then share my experiments with all of you!

  • How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think my work is different because it’s unpredictable. Most other crocheters are stressing out over deadlines and creating the next big thing while I’m over here going with the flow and taking my time to enjoy the entire process.

I tend to crochet what I’m in the mood to crochet and let that guide me. I trust that whatever I’m doing is the thing I’m supposed to be doing and that it’s also the right time for it to get done.

I also don’t have a set style. I could be into highly textured crochet one month and thin sock yarn the next. If you look through my patterns you will see that reflected in them.

  • How does my creative process work?

This is a REALLY hard question to answer because I don’t have a process. Creativity just happens and I let it…I suppose that could be considered a process but I’m totally organic and generally have a, ‘whatever gets done is what’s supposed to get done’ outlook on life.

  • What am I working on now?

At this moment in time I have just finished a shrug pattern for the first ever HodgePodge (The Facebook Community) Shrug Showdown! I can’t wait to share it with you all because it was a MONSTER of a pattern to write—it will be offered in sizes from 6 months to an adult XL—and an even bigger monster to get tested, but I’m super happy with the outcome and I hope you’ll all love it as much as I do!

I’ve also recently wrapped a project that is slated to be included in the November issue of The Pattern Pack, put out by Happily Hooked Magazine! You can find this amazing digital mag right here: and I will be sure to update with links to my contribution as soon as I have it!

In my downtime I’ve decided to tackle the Double Take Pillow, designed by Delma Myers and published by Red Heart Yarn. So far I’m in love with the simplicity and with the fact that it’s a fast working pattern! At the rate I’m going, I’ll have all four pillows covered in a week! Worldwide Artist Blog Hop Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

I’ve also recently wrapped my second granny square exchange hosted by ShopKimberlie. I LOVE her exchanges because everyone involved is amazing and I always have so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with. As soon as my squares come back I will have 80 of them to assemble (aren’t you all jealous?!?) These are the granny wheel squares I sent out! (The free pattern can be found on the minspiration blog by following this link: )

fall square

I’m also continuing the exploration of the Kreinik yarn that was a recent addition to my stash! More to come on that very soon! Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

Also, on a more personal note, if you’ve been following the HodgePodge Facebook page you know that our family was recently adopted by two of the most adorable kitties!! We call them Midnight and Chaser and they probably call us, ‘Those people who feed us and keep us warm.’ Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

Now it’s time for me to nominate!!!

I’d like to nominate:

Jacqualine Calderon of

Michelle Warwick of


Cassidy Frazee of

All of these blogs are run by amazing women and are FULL of incredible content that you don’t want to miss!! Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

Mickey Mouse Inspired Cup Cozy :: Free Pattern by Jacqualine Calderon of Crochet Couture Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

Holly and Berries :: Free Crochet Pattern from Michelle Warwick of From Home Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

Her Demonic Majesty by Cassidy Frazee


Head on over to bookmark and don’t forget to leave them a comment once they post their own blog hop!

If you enjoyed learning more about me I’d love to hear from you in a comment below! (Comments are moderated and will be approved if this is your first time.) Once again, thanks to all of you who make HodgePodge what it is today because crochet is so much better when you do it with friends <3

Yarn Yummies!

The doorbell rang today and when I opened it, I had an amazing surprise! A box FULL of the most delicious fiber I’ve ever seen!! Yarn Yummies

The thread is from an amazing family owned business called Kreinik, which was founded from humble beginnings in the early 1970′s.

For 30+ years this company has been living, breathing, and dreaming all things fiber, and the gorgeous thread wrapped around each spool shows how much they believe in creating a quality product for those of us who rely on it to make us look good! Yarn Yummies

I was so excited to jump into this box and play with all the beauties inside that it was hard to choose just one color! After exploring them all and getting in several hundred photos (I’m kidding!! kinda…), I decided to pull out the Kreinik Twist™ Yarn in the Chartreuse colorway and pair it with Caron Simply Soft in Limelight. The result was nothing short of spectacular! Yarn Yummies

Kreinik Twist™ Yarn: Chartreuse. Any guesses as to what I’m making?!?

More to come on this project in the very near future and if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see this yarn turned into, please drop a comment below!

If you don’t want to miss where my hooks go once they get tangled in the rest of this yarn, don’t forget to click that Follow HodgePodge button over on the side of the blog!!! Yarn Yummies

Where to find Kreinik:

Halloween Round-Up

It’s HodgePodge Halloween Round-Up Time!! Kick back and enjoy some of my FAVORITE Halloween themed crochet patterns!! Halloween Round Up

Ghost Swaddle Sack and Hat Set – Halloween by Illumikniti Designs—halloween Halloween Round Up

Skull Motif Scarf – Continuous by Kimberlie Goodnough—continuous Halloween Round Up

Carly Headband by Divine Debris Halloween Round Up

Link Costume by Jaime DeVries Halloween Round Up

Hawk Eyes & Spikes by Misty Makes–spikes Halloween Round Up

Police Call Box slouch hat by Misty Makes Halloween Round Up

Pirate Eye Patch by The Crafty Geekette Halloween Round Up

Frankenstein Monster Halloween Candy Hauler Tote by Articles of a Domestic Goddess Halloween Round Up

Halloween Cat, Skeleton, & Monster Beanie Pattern Set by April Bennett with Cuddle Me Beanies–monster-beanie-pattern-set Halloween Round Up

ScareCrow Beanie Pattern by April Bennett with Cuddle Me Beanies Halloween Round Up

Francis Stein by Defy Society Arts Halloween Round Up

Halloween Mini Playset by Tera Kulling Halloween Round Up

Trick or Treat Bags by Spider Mambo Halloween Round Up

Candy Corn Rat aka Science by Amanda Lawson Halloween Round Up


Introducing my latest design:


Perfect for layering over everything from tank tops and swimsuits in the summer to turtlenecks and sweaters in the winter, the stretchy and super soft SOLOMON ON THE LEVEL Infinity Cowl will always make you look your best!

This simple pattern works up quickly for last minute gifts and because the yarn is stretchy it will look amazing on virtually anyone!

The hardest part of this pattern is choosing 2 skeins in any of the gorgeous colorways Loops & Threads Velveteen has to offer!

You can find your copy for just $1.00 in any of my online shops!

SOLOMON ON THE LEVEL Infinity Cowl on Craftsy

SOLOMON ON THE LEVEL Infinity Cowl on Ravelry



HodgePodge has FINALLY hurdled over the facebook 13,000 fan mark!! I’m super excited to have that many facebook fans (though I really wish more of you guys over there could see my fb posts!!)

However, to celebrate not only reaching 13,000 fans but also my birthday … I’m turning 21…again ;) … I’m offering up ONE FREE PATTERN over in my Ravelry store for the next 13 hours!!

Head on over into Ravelry and use the code:: CELEBRATE13 ::for your free pattern! Limit ONE per customer. Lowest valued pattern will be free at checkout if selecting more than one.

If you come by to visit me over in facebook– (HODGEPODGE ON FACEBOOK) –please hit that like button, share the birthday love with all of your friends, and before you go, don’t forget to mosey on over to that little Follow HodgePodge button right over there in the blog to make sure you never miss any of this crazy, yarny, fun!


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