Summer Tank Tops

I love summertime but when you’re a crocheter, it can be a little tricky to switch out those lovely heavy yarns for something thin and lacy. The thinner the yarn, the smaller the hook, the more wrist pain involved!!

Luckily for me, this year I have my trusty covered crochet hooks (made my my very best online friend in the world) which literally transformed my whole crochet game! Summer Tank Tops

I seriously recommend getting your set covered if you like to crochet with teeny hooks!!

But, me being the crochet rebel I am, I insist on keeping things quick and simple. And that usually means medium worsted yarn and a large hook! Who wants to be sitting around all week–or worse, all MONTH–working on one project?? Not me! I don’t have the attention span for that and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with that feeling–am I right??

My latest summer inspired designs reflect that attitude! Fun tops that don’t take a lot of fancy thin yarn, itty bitty crochet hooks, or more importantly–time!

Introducing the Herringbone Lace Tank Top which features a cool twist to an otherwise boring crochet stitch, a beautiful lace bottom, and a ribbon tie. Summer Tank Tops

And the Classic Chevron Tank Top, which can be done in any number of colors and customized for holidays, birthdays, or lazy summer days on the beach. You can take this design throughout the year, layering it over a long sleeved shirt for those cool nights where a pop of color and pattern turn the ordinary into extraordinary! Summer Tank Tops

You can find your downloadable pdf copy of both tank top patterns in my Craftsy, Ravelry, or Etsy shops today! And as always, you can come hang out with me and share your projects over on facebook!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Tank Tops

  1. Simply Knots June 29, 2013 at 1:12 pm Reply

    Oh my goodness! I’m so in love with your hooks! I’m pretty new to serious crocheting, but I know the wrist pains! I love the uniqueness of your tanks; I made my first one this year and it’s rather boring. I’m pretty excited to follow your blog. I saw your Pinterest post too! Thanks for sharing.


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