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4 Chamber Heart Headband

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com 4 Chamber Heart Headband

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I thought it would be sweet to whip up a fast little headband for me and my three girls to wear on the 14th.

I love creating headbands because there is no end to the amount of variation and style you can make with yarn and a crochet hook!

This one is called the 4 Chamber Heart because it’s worked in 4 ‘sections’ that I think of as chambers of a heart. (I know, I’m a sentimental sap… We’re working on that.) 😉

This little cutie works up super fast and looks awesome with any kind of hair. If you would rather turn the heart into a clip, simply hot glue the finished heart(s) onto a bobby pin or any of these other types of hair clips:

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com 4 Chamber Heart Headband

Onward to the pattern!!

4 Chamber Heart Headband

Materials Needed:

  • Size H hook (or any hook desired. Smaller hooks will make smaller hearts while larger hooks will make larger hearts.)
  • Any medium worsted weight yarn (I’ve used cotton here but it will work with any other type of yarn you prefer.)
  • Yarn Needle (For weaving in the loose ends.)


  • Finished heart using a size H hook measures approximately 3.5″ across

Skill Level:https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com 4 Chamber Heart Headband

  • Easy

Stitches and Terms Used:

  • ch: chain
  • dc: double crochet
  • sl st: slip stitch


With your chosen hook and yarn, make a magic ring

Rnd 1: ch 2 (counts as dc), 3 dc, ch 2, 4 dc, ch 1, 4 dc, sl st in the magic ring, 4 dc, ch 1, join with a sl st to top of ch 2. Pull  magic ring closed. If making headband, do not fasten off.

For Headband:

Ch 65, Join yarn on the opposite side of the heart with a sl st to create a headband. Fasten off and weave in ends.

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com 4 Chamber Heart Headband