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Juniper Bay Skirt

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Juniper Bay Skirt

I’m in LOVE with the Juniper Bay Skirt as it’s the second pattern I’ve designed based off the widely popular Baby’s Best Bumpy Blanket.

If you love the texture and simple design of the BBBB, then you will fall in love all over again when you discover the simplicity and ease of the Juniper Bay Skirt.

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Juniper Bay Skirt

Enjoy the bumpy texture all year round with this super simple (did I mention there isn’t a gauge to fuss with!!) skirt that can be made in ANY size with literally ANY hook and ANY yarn! 

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Juniper Bay Skirt

You can find copies for the CHILD and ADULT sizes in my Craftsy and Etsy shops. 

If you’re interested in purchasing BOTH sizes at a discount, head on over to my Ravelry shop!

Child Sizes: $3.00

Adult Sizes: $3.00

Combo eBook: $5.00


https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Juniper Bay Skirt

Evergreen Waves Scarf

I’m so excited to share with you all my latest pattern, the Evergreen Waves Scarf! (Maybe not as excited as my mini model here, but still!!)

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Evergreen Waves Scarf

This pattern took months to get from idea to paper to complete, and it is my most detailed pattern to date–I’m very proud of that!

In the pattern you will find everything you need to be successful with these deceptively simple evergreen trees. Mix and match  your yarn to compliment, contrast, or totally blend in the trees and you have a scarf that is ready for some wintertime fun.

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Evergreen Waves Scarf

You can find your copy in any of my online shops for $1.50!

Evergreen Waves Scarf on Craftsy

Evergreen Waves Scarf on Ravelry

Evergreen Waves Scarf on Etsy

Ari Wrap Wristers

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Ari Wrap Wristers

I’m officially in LOVE with these amazing wristers! These started as a stitch I found in a REALLY old crochet book–the kind that was written at the turn of the century and is falling apart but so amazing that you can’t bear to part with it!

As soon as I saw the stitch I knew that I needed to create a pattern around it and so the Ari Wrap Wristers were born!

I couldn’t be happier with the results. They have that perfect mix of glam and sophistication while still being an amazing accessory for everyday trips to the mall or the market (or even around the house–say while writing up a blog post!)

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ Ari Wrap Wristers

This pattern is hands down one of my absolute favorites and I’m so excited to share it with all of you! You can find your copy over in Craftsy, Ravelry, or Etsy as a Direct Digital Download today for $3.99!

Photo and Crochet props for these amazing photos goes to my very good friend Yvette, owner of As U Wish Embroidery & Crafts! Check out her page for amazing items that you won’t find anywhere else!



Best Bumpy Blanket Revisit!

I absolutely LOVE when fans of my blog tag me in their creations so I can stalk check out the amazing creations that jump out of my base patterns.

One fan from CraftGossip.com recently tagged HodgePodge after she’d taken my original Baby’s Best Bumpy Blanket pattern and completely turned it sideways–creating an amazing shawl that I’m in love with!!

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com Baby's Best Bumpy Blanket

Photo Credit: All Photos Used with Permission :: All Rights Reserved :: Copyright (c) Shelly Dennison Jackson 2015 :: Tangled & Tied :: https://www.facebook.com/tangledtied


Not only does it make sense to turn that blanket pattern into a shawl (because the unique texture is irresistible) but it’s warm, cozy, and beautiful to boot!

If you’re interested in the FREE pattern for the Bright Blue Yonder Shawl, just click the link and enjoy!

Bright Blue Yonder Shawl Crochet

As always, if you’d like to share and possibly get your work featured, all you have to do is link back or come find me on facebook!



Peacock Baby

Copyright: 2013 London's Lens. All Rights Reserved. All photos used with permission.

Copyright: 2013 London’s Lens. All Rights Reserved. All photos used with permission.

Peacock Baby has made its debut!!

I’m so pleased with how this photo-shoot turned out and how ADORABLE this little one is all dressed up in beautiful peacock duds!

I want to thank London’s Lens SO MUCH for her tireless dedication to getting the perfect shot. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the end result!

Copyright: 2013 London's Lens. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright: 2013 London’s Lens. All Rights Reserved.

You can find your copy of Peacock Baby in my Craftsy, Ravelry, or Etsy shops today!

http://hodgepodgecrochet.com http://hodgepodgecrochet.com http://hodgepodgecrochet.com



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Copyright: 2013 London's Lens. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright: 2013 London’s Lens. All Rights Reserved.