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Yarn Yummies!

The doorbell rang today and when I opened it, I had an amazing surprise! A box FULL of the most delicious fiber I’ve ever seen!! Yarn Yummies

The thread is from an amazing family owned business called Kreinik, which was founded from humble beginnings in the early 1970’s.

For 30+ years this company has been living, breathing, and dreaming all things fiber, and the gorgeous thread wrapped around each spool shows how much they believe in creating a quality product for those of us who rely on it to make us look good! Yarn Yummies

I was so excited to jump into this box and play with all the beauties inside that it was hard to choose just one color! After exploring them all and getting in several hundred photos (I’m kidding!! kinda…), I decided to pull out the Kreinik Twist™ Yarn in the Chartreuse colorway and pair it with Caron Simply Soft in Limelight. The result was nothing short of spectacular! Yarn Yummies

Kreinik Twist™ Yarn: Chartreuse. Any guesses as to what I’m making?!?

More to come on this project in the very near future and if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see this yarn turned into, please drop a comment below!

If you don’t want to miss where my hooks go once they get tangled in the rest of this yarn, don’t forget to click that Follow HodgePodge button over on the side of the blog!!! Yarn Yummies

Where to find Kreinik:

DIY Glow In The Dark Yarn


This awesome blog post can be found over at the HodgePodge Crochet website!! DIY Glow in the Dark Yarn


Union Jack Pillow Graph Union Jack Pillow Graph

I don’t think there can be any denying that I LOVE all things UK. So with the new season of Doctor Who in full swing, my very American house was crying out for something to show that love in style. I decided what that something needed to be was the oddly specific Union Jack…in pillow form…(as seen decorating John Watson’s favorite chair in Sherlock.) Union Jack Pillow Graph

But I wanted mine to be slightly larger than the original Sherlock version and decided the best way to go about tackling my recreation in yarn would be with a graph! Mine, at this point, is still a WiP but I promise to update when I’m all done to show you all what it looks like finished! Union Jack Pillow Graph

This project is small enough for the newer graphghan crocheter and is a little more challenging than a two colored graph.

If you’re interested in creating your own Union Jack Pillow, all you have to do is download a copy, grab some yarn and a hook, and get busy!

Click the link below for your free copy of the Union Jack Pillow Graph 

HodgePodge Crochet Union Jack Graph

If you create a pillow of your own I’d love to see pics! Head on over to HodgePodge on Facebook to show off your stuff!

HodgePodge Crafts: Ojo de Dios

Here in my corner of the planet, back to school means spreading out around our family school table and getting messy. Yup, we’re a homeschooling family, and that generally means tons of glue, crayons, paint, paper, and chaos!

My favorite school art projects always involve yarn (no shock there, I suppose) so when Mexico popped up in our geography curriculum I was over the moon to pull out some yarn for my kids and I to dive into the diverse and rich history of the Mexican culture!

The art project slated for the day was the God’s eye. I won’t go into detail explaining what they are or what they are created for (that’s what Google’s for) but I will tell you how we made ours! HodgePodge Crafts: Ojo de Dios

In order to make the simple version of a God’s eye you will need:

  • Two wooden craft sticks (or up-cycle some Popsicle sticks)
  • Hot glue
  • Yarn

This craft will take approximately 15 minutes to get all the wrapping complete (less if you’re familiar with the process and speed it up!)

To start, glue your craft sticks together using a small dab of hot glue in the center to make a cross (or an X depending on how you’re holding your sticks.)

To make things simpler for my kids I glued the end of the yarn to the center of the cross, but you can skip that part and just begin wrapping your yarn if you prefer.

Label your sticks 1, 2, 3, and 4 so kids have a point of reference when wrapping. HodgePodge Crafts: Ojo de Dios

In order to begin, wrap the yarn twice around the center, rotate and wrap twice more around the center creating a central X around the middle of the sticks.

Once you’ve completed the center, begin wrapping the yarn once around 1, once around 2, once around 3, once around 4, making sure you are always going in the same order around the sticks. Do not overlap the yarn! Each new layer of yarn should be sitting next to the yarn before it so that you continue to grow the pattern outward toward the tips of your craft sticks. HodgePodge Crafts: Ojo de Dios

When you have run out of craft stick, simply use a dab of hot glue to secure, create a loop to hang, and display your cool new wall art! HodgePodge Crafts: Ojo de Dios

We had so much fun creating these mini works of art. For even more fun, I recommend dying your acrylic yarn following my tutorial here before making one! (See the example below which was done with dyed acrylic yarn!) HodgePodge Crafts: Ojo de Dios

If you tackle creating your own colors for this project, your Ojo de Dios can be totally unique and a one of a kind piece of art!!

I’d love to see your Ojo de Dios if you make one. Simply pop over to HodgePodge Crochet over on facebook to drop me a pic!

Shallow Single Crochet Stitch

Today I’m experimenting with a ‘new to me’ reversible crochet stitch! I’m loving the result!! Not sure what I’ll make with it but the cool knit look has me thinking!

It’s called the Shallow Single Crochet Stitch and when done correctly, the resulting fabric looks a lot like a knit stockinette stitch. It can be a little tricky so I suggest a BIG hook and cotton or bulky weight yarn (skip the variegated until you master this one!) With a little practice, you’ll be racing right along!

Where to work the Shallow Single Crochet Stitch: shallow single crochet stitch

Crochet as usual: shallow single crochet stitch

It’s as simple as that! What would you make with a stitch like this? Drop a comment below and let me know! shallow single crochet stitch