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Crochet With HodgePodge: Cowboy Boots!!

HodgePodge Crochet Video Tutorial: Cowboy Boots

I’m SUPER excited to share with all of you my latest video tutorial update for the Cowboy Boot pattern! If you’d like to crochet with me, head on over to my Craftsy or Ravelry shops to download your FREE copy of this pattern and let’s get started!!

HodgePodge Crochet Video Tutorial: Cowboy Boots

Crochet Know How: The Russian Join with Acrylic Yarn The Russian Join

Lots of new crocheters eventually bump up against the problem of how to deal with a yarn knot. Either they find one (or several) in the center of a brand new skein of yarn or they run out of yarn before they run out of project!

The Russian join might seem scary but I promise, with practice and patience it will become one of your most useful tools in your crochet belt! Use it on all of your projects because not only is it more secure than a square knot (ever have a project unravel on you because of a knot that’s worked itself loose?!?), it’s also neater and pretty much invisible when done correctly!

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A Girl’s Best Friend Diamond Pattern Hat

A little over three years ago I started up this tiny little blog with my first ever pattern, the Diamond Pattern Hat. I struggled FOREVER trying to help people who messaged me in facebook or emailed me understand how it was constructed and then decided that it would probably be better to put all that information up in a spot where everyone could just come to and find it on their own. I carefully edited a series of photographs and also recorded a very primitive film (done with an old Sony Cybershot balanced precariously on top of an oatmeal container…) and, for the most part, people seemed to appreciate the effort.

It’s the feedback I got from that very first post which inspired me and encouraged me to continue doing what I found that I really loved to do, and that’s to sit down and share what I love with all of you!

So today we’re going back to those humble beginnings as we revamp the diamond pattern hat into…A Girl’s Best Friend! A Girl's Best Friend Diamond Pattern Hat

I’ve revamped the original video to this hat to put all of the parts into one cohesive tutorial and have streamlined it so that the important sections are shown without any distractions (such as background chatter or lots of unnecessary words).

If you want to get crocheting, grab some yarn and hit that play button below!

If you’re interested in snagging a FREE copy of the pattern (which I highly recommend before starting), you’re in luck! All you have to do is swing by my Craftsy or Ravelry shops to download it! A Girl's Best Friend Diamond Pattern Hat A Girl's Best Friend Diamond Pattern Hat

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NatCroMo 2015! :: NatCroMo 2015

HodgePodge Crochet was featured today over on the ‪#‎NatCroMo‬ 2015 Designer Blog Tour!! The Crochetville blog post is CHOCK FULL of tasty tidbits about myself and HodgePodge! :: NatCroMo 2015

In order to celebrate I’m going to offer up some FREEBIES over on my facebook page!

If you’d like a chance to win, all you have to do is read the Crochetville blog and then CLICK HERE to post one fact from the blog post about myself or HodgePodge!

Winners will be selected soon and a new facebook post will go up with the announcement so make sure you have HodgePodge set to show up in your feed by clicking on GET NOTIFICATIONS under the liked tab! :: NatCroMo 2015

Best of luck to those who enter and don’t forget to share the love! ❤

Hoppy Bunny Applique!

ADORABLE Hoppy Bunny Appliques have sprung to life just in time for spring! :: Hoppy Bunny Applique :: FREE PATTERN!

I love this cute little bunny and you can find your FREE copy over in my Craftsy or Ravelry shops! The pattern comes complete with instructions on how to create a left OR right facing rabbit.

Use yours to embellish hats, slippers, scarves, sweaters, wristers (you can stitch these little cuties onto anything!) or get creative and create some super cute springtime jewelry that is sure to be a hit as quick class gifts or birthday party favors! :: Hoppy Bunny Applique :: FREE PATTERN! :: Hoppy Bunny Applique :: FREE PATTERN! :: Hoppy Bunny Applique :: FREE PATTERN!