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Handbag Roundup!

In the spirit of handbags (I seem to be on a roll with them lately!) I decided to dedicate some space to amazing crochet alternatives to the sewn version I recently completed.

Get ready for some eye-popping designs!!! HANDBAG ROUNDUP


Number one and two on the list belongs to 

Knotted Notions!!

Number three, four, and five on the list goes to

Cuddle Me Beanies!!

 Number six on the list goes to

Corrina Ricke!!

 Number seven on the list goes to


 Number eight on the list goes to


Number nine on the list goes to

Knot your Nana’s Crochet!!

 Number ten on the list goes to

Crafting Potpourri!!














One Doctor Who TARDIS Handbag and Some Delish Wool Roving Doctor Who TARDIS handbag DIY

Amazing Doctor Who crochet hooks by The Lemonade Shop!

I’m super excited to share with you guys my FINISHED Doctor Who TARDIS handbag!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how terrified I was to start this project. The idea of sewing in straight lines freaks me out–mostly because I know if it’s not straight I’ll want to pull it all out and redo it. I don’t think I have to tell you guys that it’s way simpler to pull back your crochet work to get it perfect BUT, I was determined to get over my fears and conquer the beast that is my sewing machine! Doctor Who TARDIS handbag DIY

Things started out okay….and then my thread broke. No big deal, right? Just rethread it and keep going! And then it happened again. I thought it was a bad omen. Thread breaking twice in the span of two seconds is never a good thing.

But, I mentioned I was determined!! So off to find a new sewing machine needle. (I’d been told once a long time ago that the right needle makes all the difference.) I found one specifically made for drapery fabric in my mini sewing hoard and figured out how to change the needle–it’s easier than I thought–and 5 minutes later I was off and sewing with gusto!

Before I knew it, I’d finished! I even added a magnetic snap closure to finish it off. Doctor Who TARDIS handbag DIY Doctor Who TARDIS handbag DIY

I am so happy I committed to finish this one and now my daughter tells me she needs a My Little Pony handbag. She’s ten and apparently she needs a handbag to carry all of her ponies around when she goes off on important shopping trips to buy more ponies. 😉

If you guys want to know how I made this bag, make sure to check out THIS BLOG POST which has the entire process and the amazing youtube tutorial I used! Doctor Who TARDIS handbag DIY

I know, Doctor… I NEVER win and am making that same face right along with you!

Now that I’ve overcome my sewing machine fears, I think I’m ready to tackle another! Recently I blogged about Mandie’s Krafty Kreations huge facebook giveaway! Guess who won?!?!


I was thrilled today when I got a box in the mail filled with the most gorgeous 100% merino roving.

Get ready for raw yarn yummies!

I have no clue how to use it or what will happen when I try my hand at spinning but I think I’ve always had a little bit of beginner’s luck in my pocket. Perhaps I can pull some out and sprinkle it over this!

If you’ve got some tips or just want to give me a shout, make sure you drop a comment!! I love hearing from you guys! (Comments are moderated–to keep out vulgarity and discourage trolls–so it might take a little bit before they appear.) I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to make this gorgeous roving into something that I can crochet!

Juniper Bay Skirt Juniper Bay Skirt

I’m in LOVE with the Juniper Bay Skirt as it’s the second pattern I’ve designed based off the widely popular Baby’s Best Bumpy Blanket.

If you love the texture and simple design of the BBBB, then you will fall in love all over again when you discover the simplicity and ease of the Juniper Bay Skirt. Juniper Bay Skirt

Enjoy the bumpy texture all year round with this super simple (did I mention there isn’t a gauge to fuss with!!) skirt that can be made in ANY size with literally ANY hook and ANY yarn! Juniper Bay Skirt

You can find copies for the CHILD and ADULT sizes in my Craftsy and Etsy shops. 

If you’re interested in purchasing BOTH sizes at a discount, head on over to my Ravelry shop!

Child Sizes: $3.00

Adult Sizes: $3.00

Combo eBook: $5.00 Juniper Bay Skirt

Ripple Stitch N’uff

Welcome the Ripple Stitch N’uff to the HodgePodge Crochet lineup of FREEBIES!! Ripple Stitch Nuff

This neck cuff can be totally customized to fit anyone. You can also change up your hook or your yarn for a completely different look! Make it longer and you have a super cute scarf. Make it wider and you have a show stopping afghan. Ripple Stitch Nuff

If you’d like to pick up your FREE copy, head on over to my Craftsy shop and get your yarn on your hook right now! If you’ve completed a N’uff, head on over to my facebook page to show it off. Ripple Stitch Nuff

Friday Finds! Friday Finds

As as blogger, crocheter, and HUGE facebook nut, I often run across amazing things that I want to share from my favorite pages across the internet…and then get so busy I kinda drop the blogger ball and never let any of you know what it is that inspires me. So I decided to start a Friday Finds tradition here on HodgePodge!

Let’s get started!!

Inspiration abounds over in Mad Mad Me. Her photos always capture the imagination in colorful bursts of yarny goodness. This week, her Happy Everything Bunting kept me smiling over the possibilities! Can’t you just see this done up for a birthday, and anniversary, or a holiday! Friday Finds


Knitting is also something I’ve always dreamed of being able to do well. (Right now it’s a hot mess whenever I bring out my needles!)  So whenever I come across a cute pattern, I save it! A Stash Addict came though for me in style–as always–and her 100% FREE Autumn Curl Slouch is something I hope to make one day!! Friday Finds


Crochet Creations by Cin got me thinking camo baby beanies this week–which is a much needed break from the blinding yellow minion takeover!!! Her Little Outdoorsman Earflap Hat is SO cute! Just imagine it on the littlest hunter in your family! Friday Finds


Baca Creations never fails to dazzle me with her patterns. So when I came across this gorgeous infinity cowl pattern you can bet I ran as fast as I could over to her Craftsy shop to pick up this 100% FREE pattern!! Friday Finds


Mandy’s Craft Tales is a new favorite haunt of mine and I’m always thrilled to see one of her posts pop up on my wall! Imagine my delight when I saw these beauties! Gorgeous crochet brooches that are perfect for gifts (or even as a treat for me!) Friday Finds


If you enjoyed what you saw drop me a comment below and if you have a link to a favorite find of your own don’t forget to leave it as well!! Comments ARE moderated so it may take up to a day to appear. 🙂

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