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Hello Kitty Applique

Crochet amigurumi is one of my all time favorite things to do with a hook and yarn. You sit down with a skein and in a couple of hours you have a cute stuffed animal aching to brighten up anyone’s day.

But sometimes a 3D animal just won’t work and you need something flat–an applique, to give that cuteness factor to an item that can be worn.

Today, I’ll show you how to crochet a Hello Kitty applique to stitch onto a hat or a pair of slippers or really anything your imagination dreams up!

Quick Tip: If you decide to make one, I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you line the back of the face with some white felt. The black yarn you use to embroider the face with is really visible from the back and when you are all done stitching that face on you’ll have a hot mess on your hands from the front.

You don’t have to line the back of course but this is the result:

Proper placement of Hello Kitty’s eyes, nose, and whiskers is what will set your applique apart from the rest.

Think of her face as it appears  above. Notice how her eyes lie more than halfway down her face and her nose is exactly center and directly below the eye-line. Her whiskers are placed directly opposite each eye and all seem to be directional to it. (meaning they sort of point right at the eye they are closest to.)

Now, when you have completed your applique, refer back to the grid in order to ensure the best results! Using black yarn in a yarn needle, embroider the eyes and whiskers. Embroider the nose using yellow yarn.