Crocheter Spotlight: Reveek!

Prepare for a HodgePodge Takeover!!

Help me welcome Revee Kraszewski as she tells us some more about herself and drops some tips and tricks for those crochet artists who are interested in dipping their toes in the crochet design pond!


Hello! My name is Revee Kraszewski and I am the designer behind Reveek. Crocheter Spotlight: Reveek

I am a woman with many hats, and I tend to wear two or three at a time. First and foremost I am a mother to a beautiful little toddler. She is constantly inspiring me to create new things. I am a wife to a soldier, and I run the Family Readiness Group for his unit. I am the one behind FRG Meetings, Bake Sales, Coffee’s, Care Team, and every other thing you can imagine an Army spouse needing. Crocheter Spotlight: Reveek












I am also a stylist, and I love my job! They say you’ll never work a day in your life if you do something you love. Hairstyling, and designing are two of my passions, and they both allow me to express my creativity in a way that makes working not a job or some mundane task that I must do. Crocheter Spotlight: Reveek

I have been crocheting for about 2 years. I had always wanted to learn, as I learned how to knit at a young age. For my very first project I started out with what happened to be a hat for my daughter who was called “baby k” at the time. I was secretly hoping we’d have a girl first. Why not? They are so much fun to dress! Crocheter Spotlight: Reveek Crocheter Spotlight: Reveek

I mastered the half double crochet in no time, and then proceeded to make my first flower that very evening. The lady who taught me how to crochet was amazed at how fast I learned. It was so enjoyable I had just had to learn how to do every stitch. Thus began my love for crochet!

I am inspired daily to create new and fun patterns for everyone to enjoy. Here are few things I have learned throughout this crazy process called designing.

  1. Always keep a notebook with you. I will be doing the most mundane task and something will come to mind. I will take a moment to write it down, and perhaps draw a sketch.
  2. Take constructive criticism from fellow designers, and pattern testers. They have a different point of view and it can help you grow and become a better designer.
  3. Crochet even if you have nothing to design. Many times I won’t necessarily have something I want to design. I will make a blanket for our local pregnancy center, or a gift for a friend. This allows me to take a mental break, and prepare for my next design.
  4. Keep learning new techniques! Whether it be through books, Youtube, online blogs, or pattern testing.
  5. Do what you love to do!

Revee Kraszewski

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6 thoughts on “Crocheter Spotlight: Reveek!

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  2. Deanna Lynn Longrie June 18, 2014 at 9:58 am Reply

    I love hearing about the accomplishments of one of many talented Hodgers. It is very cool that you spotlight them Tanya! Good Luck Revèe in all your accomplishments!


  3. Jackie Ramsdell June 17, 2014 at 2:49 pm Reply

    Love it Revee! i carry my notebook everywhere. My sketches are always silly looking, but I agree that you have to get it on paper someway. 🙂


  4. mariahswind June 16, 2014 at 5:40 pm Reply

    Just a heads up, the links have hodgepodge url in front of them in the hyperlink so it shows not found. And the ravelry store doesn’t exist.

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