Crocheter’s Spotlight: From Home

HodgePodge is getting ready to be taken over by a very special guest!! I’m thrilled to introduce my very good friend, Michelle–and her ADORABLE pompoms!!

Hello! I am Michelle, the mastermind behind From Home, which has become my alter ego and my home away from home.  I am the SAHM of one adorable little toddler I have affectionately nicknamed “Grumpers” and have a husband of four years, Kevin.

I am ashamed to admit, I am a new crafter. All of my life, crafting took a backseat to things like food, sports, and entertainment. My dream has always been to be either a schoolteacher of younger children, or to be a SAHM, and I am so lucky that it has come to fruition. With the lifestyle I now lead, a new opportunity to expand my interests was born and from that passion for learning, From Home was created.

From Home, as a business, is yarn. From Home, as a lifestyle, expands deeper into creating, playing, exploring and teaching. I started the blog to share my adventures in food, parenting and of course, yarn because they are what I love most at this point in my life. (I guess my husband fits in there too)

Today, my focus is going to be both yarn and parenting. I have turned a piece of string into a teaching tool, a game for play, and a sensory object for my not quite three year old. I present to you…

The Pompom! From Home

I love an item that can be teachable and fun at the same time!

These squishy, soft little spheres have been a huge focus in our household lately. They have made a fantastic toy for throwing, catching, rolling and juggling (which I might add, is really fun if you aren’t really good at it). We also love them for the bright, beautiful colours, which is a big bonus when teaching a toddler. The other positive is counting! My two year can count to twelve and I give a lot of the credit to her play time with these amazing little balls of yarn. I also love the safety factor. They are not likely to hurt her (or us) which is a HUGE plus! From Home

I’ve come to learn that the uses for pompoms expand much further than adding flair to crocheted or knit pieces and I have a favourite quick and easy method of making them I have shared over on my blog, From Home Crochet.

From my home to yours,


Find Michelle on facebook:

If you’d like to find out more about those adorable pompoms (and how she gets them so perfect every single time!!) head on over to her blog right here on wordpress: From Home


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One thought on “Crocheter’s Spotlight: From Home

  1. Patti Lekas January 30, 2014 at 9:19 pm Reply

    love the pom poms


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