Arm Knitting Arm Knitting

I FINALLY learned to KNIT!!!

Well…technically I learned how to work a long tail cast on…and it took my hands and arms to do it…but still!!! It’s the way knitting should be done for people like me who are clueless with a set of needles!

This mobius scarf was completed in the span of an hour and I promise, once you get down the rhythm, you’ll be cranking out scarves faster than pretty much any crochet project you’ve ever done!

A couple tips before we get to the good stuff!!

  1. Remove your jewelry. Rings, bracelets, or anything else that could snag your yarn should come off while working this project.
  2. Carve out an hour or so where it’s quiet and no one will need your attention! This project will LITERALLY bind you to your yarn and if you need to use the bathroom or tend to wayward children things could get comical!
  3. Watch the entire video through at least once BEFORE you get started. The sequences will be repeated and if you don’t get it the first time I explain, the second or third might be the charm.
  4. Make sure you have a large bowl (or place your yarn into a tote bag that you can hang on the back of a chair) so that your yarn isn’t rolling all over your work surface or off your lap and onto the floor.
  5. A typical adult scarf should measure about 60″ in length (this will allow you to get two wraps around the neck without being too snug.) Adjust length if wearing as a traditional scarf.
  6. A MOBIUS scarf (or infinity scarf) is achieved by matching ends and then twisting one end completely. See diagram below:

That’s pretty much it for the tips so let’s move on to the project!! Presenting: Arm Knitting!! Arm Knitting

NOTE!!! This is NOT mentioned in the tutorial but you will be working DOUBLE STRANDED throughout project. 


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One thought on “Arm Knitting

  1. FashionbyReyhan December 25, 2013 at 2:08 pm Reply

    Love the color you used!
    Check out my new blog and my arm knitting project 🙂 Follow if you like it pls!


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