Downtime Arts and Crafts

I have a real passion for pretty much everything DIY and crafty. (Which is why Pinterest can get me in trouble!) So sometimes I need to step away from my lovely hooks and yarn and grab some downtime when I can by taking a breather from the pattern writing and crocheting.

Recently I’ve dabbled in charm making: Harry Potter!

In polymer clay sculpting: (The bear is mine–the hook was made by my very amazingly talented friend Rachel!)

This one is SORTA hook and yarn related 😉

In paper mache yarn bowl making: DIY Yarn Bowl

And so is this one!! Anyone else notice that even my downtime crafty projects may revolve around yarn and hooks…. 🙂

In a little more newspaper art (since I have a bazillion newspapers to use up after making that paper mache yarn bowl!):

And my latest downtime project has me exploring book making!

Seriously though, this last DIY project ranks up there as one of the more cooler things I’ve done in a very long time! My kids think I’m some sort of paper folding and gluing genius but with an amazing youtube tutorial put out by Sea Lemon you kinda can’t screw this one up!

This book is relatively simple to make. The steps are: fold paper and glue. See–simple! (Side note: While you CAN use plain Elmer’s school glue for this, I highly recommend picking up PVA glue specific to bookbinding and paper projects because it stays elastic when it dries and allows your paper to bend without cracking and falling apart. I got mine on Amazon for around $7.00.)

You can find the paper–think computer printer paper–and the candy box in your local WalMart. Since I already had a rainbow assortment of paper on hand, the only thing I needed was a cool looking candy box. Of course, this part of the project proved to be my kids favorite.

What’s great about shopping in WalMart is that you can find the larger movie sized boxes of candy all for under a dollar! Frugal is always good when it comes to anything DIY and crafty!

The next thing that almost derailed my book making fun was the whole book press thing. I mean…I don’t have a book press handy. (Who does when they crochet for a living!!) So I improvised with a binder clip (which you’ve all seen put to work wrangling those color changes), two wooden dowels, and a pipe cleaner! It worked like a charm!

My kids are all excited to use these neat books as diaries, but just imagine crafting this for your kids and making them the envy of their friends–and scoring some HUGE parent coolness points to boot–as they pull out this cute candy box book (that REALLY still smells like candy) at school to write their assignments or even just to jot down notes!

Head on over to Sea Lemon to subscribe to her channel and learn exactly how to make one of your own!



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2 thoughts on “Downtime Arts and Crafts

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  2. […] I’ve been having a ball with other crafty projects like clay, paper mache, painting, and book making. (Not to mention countless other things I’ve yet […]


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