10/1/2013 BLOG UPDATE!! Giveaway is now CLOSED. Thanks to all the vendors who jumped in and a HUGE thanks to all the fans who came to celebrate with me! Congratulations to the winners!! 


It’s giveaway time over on HodgePodge Crochet: The Facebook Page! To celebrate the huge accomplishment of hurdling over 6,000 fans–you guys all are amazing for hanging out with me on a daily basis!!–I asked a couple of my friends to come celebrate with me and create a fun album of gifts!!

What happened as a result literally knocked me over and left me stunned!! Over ONE HUNDRED vendors assembled to make one giant, enormous, grab bag of fun!! I’m touched by all of their support, from the support of my wonderful fans, and for the support from everyone who enjoys listening to me ramble on about all things yarn and hooks here in my blog. Without you guys, there would be only me sqwaking about my latest projects all by my lonesome!

So–what are you waiting for!!! You do NOT want to miss out on the goodies up for grabs! Head on over to facebook right now and jump in, drop me a message, and share your day with me 🙂 6,000 FAN GIVEAWAY!

QUICK TIP BEFORE YOU GO!! Make sure to click on all the entries!! They are NOT specific to the vendor they are attached to and in order to maximize your odds of winning something amazing you want to make sure you get all of them!!

You can enter through Rafflecopter here if you are on a computer:

You can enter through Rafflecopter here if you are on a mobile device:


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