Yummy Yarn!


I recently WON a delish yarn prize from the AH-MAY-ZING Tricity Hokes Creations (check her out and give her a like!!), and choosing from all of her yarns was SOOOO hard.

Seriously, for a yarn hoarder like me, choosing just ONE is tricky! Think and Thin, artsy, color dyes…the choices are endless!

Lucky for me, my prize came with a little hand holding 😉 AND A COOL EXTRA for all my blog readers and fb followers!

Copyright Tricity Hokes Creations 2012. All Rights Reserved.

For readers and followers only, Tricity Hokes Creations is extending her YUMMY YARN DISCOUNT to her super soft BFL Wool handspun yarn for the rock bottom price of only $5.00 an oz!! You won’t find that price anywhere else for yarn this awesome.

It’s the PERFECT gift for the crocheter/knitter in your life or even just to treat yourself to something luxurious. I know I’m always crocheting things for everyone else so a treat like this is something I might want to use just for lil‘ ole me!

If you are interested in ordering, shoot her a pm on her business page, or send her a quick email: tricityhokescreations@gmail.com and be sure to use the code ‘Hookers Love’ for the discount to apply!!

You can find out more about Tricity Hokes Creations on her webpage!

From all of us here at HodgePodge THANK YOU!!! ♥



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