I love this little guy…

You can’t look at him without smiling!! Go ahead, I dare you.


SEE–you’re smiling!!! So am I–so we’re even.

Recently, this crochet cutie came up in our facebook group. Amazing HodgePodger, Jessica Skelly of Eat, Pray, Yarn, dazzled us with the CUTEST Bob-omb hat!!

You’re smiling again…aren’t you 🙂
Photo taken by and used with permission from Jessica Skelly.
Click the pic for: A New Adventure {The Blog}


As soon as I saw it I knew I needed one! Lucky for me, Jessica decided to include sizes all the way from newborn to adult!!

You can find her Bob-omb pattern listed on Craftsy and for those of you who LOVE the hat but can’t crochet, she has you covered as well! Head on over to her Etsy shop and she’ll fix you right up!


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