Knotted Headband

You Seriously Made That?! is an AWESOME blog written by a super crafty mama named Cami. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out–GO NOW, I’ll wait.

One of her projects swept like wildfire through Pinterest toward the tail end of last year. It was a post for the Knotted Headband. It’s adorable and relatively simple for the new crocheter. The directions call for a skill of basic chains and a hot glue gun–really, that’s it!

Knotted Headband

I fell in  love instantly with the design and right away set to work making up a small army of my own headbands. When it came to the hot gluing though, I ran into a slight snag… See, I’m not a giant fan of gluing yarn. I’ve been burned before by the hot glue (not literally but you get the idea.)

It never ends well–especially on things like headbands where you are tugging on the ribbon to secure it around your head. So I’ve come up with a crochet alternative that will not only make things more secure, but they’ll probably last a lot longer. And if you go to all that trouble to make one, you want your work to be around for a while!

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