Bunny Slippers!

A few days ago, I was trolling etsy and saw the CUTEST baby bunny slippers ever! I knew I had to make a pair. So I sat and thought about it and after about an hour, out popped this:

Baby Bunny Slippers

Baby Bunny Slippers

I posted the pic to facebook (I’m still working on writing down the pattern in case anyone else wants to make a pair), and I was asked if I could size them up to an adult 8.

I had no clue if I could pull it off! In case anyone missed my baby booties post, I really hate counting stitches for booties and slippers in general. So an adult sized slipper seemed almost impossible.

And then I remembered that I could work them in the round from the toe and suddenly, a size 8 looked like a piece of cake!

I started with a prototype to test hook size and wound up ripping out my work at least twice. Tedious, for sure, but necessary when you want to get it just right!

First I started with an H hook and some thin brushed yarn. That was a total disaster. The hook was WAY too large and the thin yarn made holes the size of the Grand Canyon! Not ideal for slippers. 

Then I scaled down to an F hook, swapped the brushed yarn for some thicker 4 ply, and still thought they were too roomy around the ball of the foot. At least on that try, the slipper wasn’t full of holes so I knew I was on the right track.

Finally, I settled on a size E, a pretty off white 4 ply yarn, and decided to just move on and make Mama Bunny.

This was the result:

Mama Bunny Slippers

This mama isn’t finished yet. She still needs her nose, I’m thinking a flower for her ears?? a button for the loop, and I haven’t actually tied in her eyes yet, (the yarn is in there to get an idea about placement but they look a little high to me. I might end up moving them before I actually tie and glue the knots…) but for the most part–this one is done.

I’ll update when I get this pair totally finished and include patterns for both Mama and Baby!


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One thought on “Bunny Slippers!

  1. SilentKat January 20, 2012 at 10:51 pm Reply

    These are so cute!! You did a great job making these and sizing the Mama Bunny Slipper. ^.^ I’ve tried crocheting slippers in the round without a pattern and find that it is not as easy as it sounds. lol At first, anyways. ^.^

    SilentKat of SilentKat’s Crochet Creations. =^w^=


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