Buzzy Bee Photo Prop

beeprop 023

You know it’s springtime when you start seeing bees everywhere! This pattern is yet one more in a line of cute photo props using the same exact pentagon motif! Buzzy Bee Photo Prop Materials required: Hook sizes G and H … Continue reading

Giraffe Photo Prop Giraffe Photo Prop

How amazing is it when you can take a single motif and transform it into a bunch of different animals!! I’ve taken the same motif and turned it into a turtle, a ladybug, a bee, and now a giraffe! Materials … Continue reading

Ladybug Photo Prop

Photography used with permission by Maryellen Lally-Godinez. Multiple Blessings Photography. All Rights Reserved.

This little cutie really was inspired by my recent fun with the Turtle Shell Photo Prop. I promised that I would remove my pattern for the turtle shell prop–but I never said I wouldn’t make anything else using the pentagons! Btw, … Continue reading

Infant Turtle Shell “Blanket” Turtle Shell Blanket

**DISCLAIMER** Before I begin this tutorial, let me tell you that the basic pentagon, granny, hexagon etc. shapes are not copyrighted by anyone to my knowledge. This tutorial is copyrighted by me–but that doesn’t mean that somebody else can’t have ever … Continue reading